How to Effectively Promote Your Podcast in 2020

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The session will look in-depth at strategies that podcasters can use to get more eyes (and ears) on their podcast in 2020. A signifiant portion of the session will focus on strategies for growth and exposure online, but will also address offline strategies that podcasters can use to grow their podcast and brand.

The session will be led by Christopher Mitchell, an award winning travel blogger, social media content creator, podcaster, and Cofounder of the Toronto Bloggers Collective, so the tips and tricks that will be discussed are going to be tried and true techniques based on personal and professional experience.

Of course, an overview of the way to convey your message on major social media platforms will be discussed, and we’ll look at how you can actually make traction on social media today in the age of the paid ads and influencers.

We’ll also look at how to utilize lesser known platforms like Reddit, Medium, and more.

Then, we’ll look at how you can promote your podcast offline, and what win-win collaborations can do for your brand in 2020, as well as what events and communities you should be targeting, and why business cards still matter.

Key Take Aways

  • How to use the major social media platforms to get genuine reach for your podcast
  • How to authentically stand-out and build real community in a world of "fake"
  • What lesser known communities like Reddit can do for your podcast
  • How to create a strategy for offline podcast promotion
  • Answer to any questions you might have around this topic, as the presenter will take questions throughout, and after
Advanced Social Media & Marketing Session